Over recent years we have all become afflicted with the same problem that you and your employees have… SPAM.

Our company routinely received many hundreds a day per person, many (but not all) that our internal SPAM filters caught and stored away on our Microsoft Exchange messaging server. Some time ago, the president experienced a last straw moment… when he turned on his office computer one morning and was met with 892 messages!

It took him an hour to delete almost all of them. The problem that we had is that our SPAM filters, while good, were not that good so actual customer and other correspondence was mixed in with the SPAM. That forced a review and manual deletion of every single message. So here was our problem, and also yours.

It takes a lot of time to clear SPAM, and the SPAM deluge keeps increasing. It’s a fact of life.

As we found (and you know) that commercial SPAM filters don’t work that well, and being in the computer business for thirty five years, we did some serious thinking about how to really deal with the problem, once and for all, and found it. We now have only four or five SPAM messages a day per person getting through, and that’s a bad day. In just the last seven days when this page was written, we counted 2,755 SPAM messages that have been caught in the president’s email box! That’s nearly 400 a day.

The ones that get through are gone within seconds and we are far more productive. We also found a way to not be “obliged” to read the SPAM messages so often, when they are sitting there in the SPAM inbox and the count keeps increasing. So your real problem is wasted, expensive employee time, and we can provide your company with the same solution.

For each twenty employees who work on computers all day, we estimate that each person spends at least fifteen minutes each day working through the SPAM. I’m ignoring that an employee may accidentally install malware, ransom-ware, and other malicious attachments or links that may destroy your entire IT infrastructure.

Here are the facts: if you pay an average of $50,000 a year salary per person, you are paying almost $500 an hour collectively for each group of twenty people. That wasted fifteen minutes is costing your company nearly $125 a day and that’s money down the drain!

So here’s our solution. If your company is using a Microsoft Exchange Messaging Server, and you almost certainly are, we can offer you the same  anti-SPAM system for your employees… free. Your only expense will be the setup labor. We suggest that we test with five employees so they can see just how amazing this system is.

Our fees are moderate; call or email us for a quotation.

This system will pay for itself in ten business days. After then, you’ll be saving about $625 a week or over $30,000 a year for each twenty employee group!  It’s an offer you can’t refuse, if you want to get the most productive value from your people.

We believe that you do. Call or email us for details.