We are pleased to offer several services for your company – moving your entire Local Area Network, or LAN to The Cloud or as simple as just your email, contacts, calendars and document system using either Google Apps for Work, now known as G Suite or Microsoft Office 365 services. For Google or Microsoft click here.generator

You can think of The Cloud using electricity as an example. Does anyone use a generator to power their offices? No. You can just plug in your devices to the office outlets and you are connected to the electric grid. Whatever power you need is generated remotely; as much as you need, available when you need it. You only pay a monthly fee to the electricity company and don’t have to keep your personal generator working properly.

In a nutshell, the world has moved beyond using internal computer networks with Microsoft Exchange and other company server services installed on in-house file servers, to moving those services to cloud providers. We can do that for you.

If you have 100 desktop users, for example, it’s enormously expensive to have people keep those 100 PCs working properly. Those 100 Windows operating systems are 100 software platforms that go wrong. As you know, they go wrong all of the time… a hundred times over.Cloud Services

The key difference is that the “wires” connecting your employee desktop computers to your servers in your server room or closet are now the Internet, not physical wires. How is this possible? The Internet is now extremely fast, and getting faster so that your employees will have access to data as fast or faster than before. Faster? Yes. Just type Google’s web search for Singapore into your browner – www.google.com.sg. You’ll see that your PC connected to Google in their Singapore data center in an instant. That’s the power of the Internet.singapore

The cloud provider’s equipment is continually upgraded to the latest performance levels, and you can increase your computing performance of your cloud server(s) instantly. How? You can “open the spigot” as needed via a browser control application from your office. Just put your foot on the gas pedal and the network is faster, instantly. Yes, you “burn more gas,” or have a slight increase in your monthly costs while you need it, but you have control. So you never need to upgrade your private servers. It’s all done for you at the cloud provider’s secure facility. It can be be anywhere in the world.

Who uses a generator for their electricity? No one. That’s why cloud services are exploding in popularity.

And your employees will have secure access from anywhere, using the ongoing latest technology, documents, spreadsheet, presentations, database and so on all using secure encrypted communications.

In essence, we move your internal LAN equipment off-site to a secure data center location or locations for redundancy, with backups every few minutes to avoid the ransomware and other malware issues, either in or outside of the United States. Instead of employees having only local access, they may use the remotely located file servers via very high-speed Internet connections. We work with Comcast fiber to create a network over very high speed connections

Why do it? Convenience and cost. As you know, operating your server room or closet is an expensive proposition. You must buy and maintain the hardware. You must pay companies like ours to maintain your systems, or hire full time employees at a very high cost to do the same and you must protect the software against failure requiring backup services.

By using cloud service providers we provide access to the latest and fastest computer systems, all housed in data centers. File servers can be created in seconds, all running Software as a Service (SaaS), remote desktops also known a VDI or Desktops as a Service or remote desktops, (DaaS) that can be assigned to users as needed and your employees can work from anywhere through a browser such as Firefox and Chrome. Finally, we can create an encrypted VPN permanent link from your servers running in the data center(s) to your local LAN. That’s known as IaaS, Infrastructure as a Service… our favorite. In that way, your servers are a part of the LAN, but running as if they are in the next room.

It makes you company far more efficient, without the clutter and cost of maintaining your own systems. Or it can be as simple as moving a part of your local network services to the cloud… your company’s email, calendars, contacts, documents, presentation material, shared files and documents and much more. They’ll also be accessible from anywhere. In addition you can also have company wide video-conferencing features as a part of these (Google and Microsoft) packages.

Your cost of maintaining your in-house systems will plummet!

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