Do you rely on outside support people to fix problems on your network? If so, this is called “Break/Fix” an expensive way to maintain your LAN so it just limps along from one crisis to the next.

We offer “Outsourced IT Services”. For a small monthly fee we use software to monitor your network around the clock and provide you with weekly and monthly reports as to its health and performance. In addition, we access your LAN over the Internet to proactively fix your users PCs, and your servers to keep them all in optimum tiptop condition.

It’s like being a couch potato waiting for the next health crisis, compared to belonging to an HMO where they keep very careful watch over your health and fix small problems before they loom large. What’s better, a server “heart attack” or network meltdown that’s waiting to happen, or proactive health care where your server and LAN users are carefully monitored and problems fixed before they become a disaster?

We can even offer you a web based Help Desk, where your employees can create trouble tickets through their web browsers so we can respond by e-mail, by fixing the PCs over the Internet, or even by phone.

All for probably less money than you’re spending now. Time is money. We save you both.

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