We are pleased to offer a complete data center in a small portable case. Over the years, data centers have been built to accommodate large racks of servers and data storage devices. They have been expensive, hard to work on and definitely not portable. A company has a major expense when they move it to a new location. They must build another data room, physically move lots of equipment and spend days connecting it back up.

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Not anymore. Our Data Center in a Case is a small, rolling data center that benefits from the dramatic physical downsizing of server sizes and increase in hard drive density. That means a company with a thousand users can operate from just one unit. When the company moves it’s simple to just shut it down, unplug it and roll it out for quick reconnection at the new location.

So what can it do?

It can be as simple as you wish, or as densely packed as your need. For example, this is a perfect solution for branch offices. You just install the software needed for the branch, test and when perfect ship it out. They’ll just plug it in on receipt and be in business.

If you have a 220 volt power supply, we recommend blade servers as they are the most efficient. If standard 110 volts, rack servers densely populated to provide the most computing power.

Or for heavy duty needs, such as VDI or “big data” you can install as many as 40, latest generation dual Xeon CPU servers and over 128TB of storage. With fewer servers in this single rolling data center, up to 256TB or raw storage! They can be used as separate systems or as massive clusters. Or you can setup the system to host VDI, our specialty.

If you select VMware Horizon View, our preferred VDI solution you could setup ten VDI host servers, supporting a thousand users, a layer 2/3 switch, FCoE, 10GbE, InfiniBand, plus support for NAS (NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, FTP) and for SANs (iSCSI, FC). You can include a ZFS data storage back end (our favorite) with two head-nodes and 72TB of raw space. It can easily accommodate the largest challenges, not only for VDI but other data crunching needs that your company has.

The beauty of using a combination of multiple servers and a SAN in the same case is that all of the servers in the case can have access to the same data, as SANs are designed to reliably provide data where needed instantly.

All in one small, portable box… a Data Center in a Case.

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